Our Impact

Strategic Plan

When we collaborate with our partners to deliver high-quality services with integrity and accountability, we transform the educational outcomes for thousands of youth in Memphis.

Our four-year strategic plan (2021-2025) is built on three strategic principles that advance educational equity, prepare more students and families for success in life, and build a vibrant culture of inclusivity.

Strategic Principle 1

Advance Educational Equity

No matter how successful CISM is in empowering youth and families to achieve success in school and life, systems and policies must change in order to effectively address the root causes of inequity.

Strategic Principle 2

Prepare More Students and Families for Success in Life

COVID-19 exposed deep-rooted, systemic issues that will require greater emphasis on family stability, trauma and mental health, social-emotional learning, social connections, college and career readiness, and access to technology and other resources that increase academic performance. 

Strategic Principle 3

Build a Vibrant Culture of Inclusivity

We will become a leader in inclusion and access by investing in our talent and capacity, optimizing structure, and building communication channels for greater transparency. This will lead to deeper programmatic success, increased outcomes for students and families, and impact at a system-level that will uplift and transform our community.

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