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Words from Others

CIS of Memphis has been a tremendous help to me. My (college and career specialist) has not only helped me navigate various school and life experiences, such as lack of family support, lack of transportation, and food insecurity, but she also motivated me to stay focused through those obstacles by providing me with that support, checking in on me daily, providing me with resources for discounted bus passes, and even helping coordinate visits to a local food pantry. As an aspiring entrepreneur in the mechanical engineering field and artist, I feel more willing to face obstacles ahead of me because of [her] efforts.


Jamisha, Southwest Tennessee Community College (CISM Class of 2021)


Education is a journey, and CISM recognizes that rising juniors and seniors need guidance and support while exploring what’s next after high school.

We know when students’ talents and skills are fully realized, our communities can become stronger and more vibrant, socially and economically. 

We are confident that our work in this area will yield students who are empowered to grow and shape our future community. That might be attending the University of Memphis on scholarship, joining the workforce at a Memphis-based company like FedEx, AutoZone or International Paper, or learning a lucrative, high-demand trade.

Suggested CIS of Memphis Pathways

Post-Secondary Education

A post-secondary education can mean attending a university, community college, or trade school. For students exploring these options, our College & Career Readiness specialists make the process easier.

How We Help

H.S. Graduate Career Options


Some students may opt to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. For students exploring these options, our College & Career Readiness specialists provide guidance to steer them toward joyful and meaningful employment.  

How We Help

Recruitment Guidance

Armed Forces

Some students may enter the armed forces, which provides career opportunities including job placement after basic training and college / trade school scholarships.

The military can be a full career opportunity offering benefits, retirement, and overseas assignments. For students exploring this option, our College & Career Readiness specialists provide guidance throughout the recruitment process. 

How We Help


Our CIS of Memphis students are often the first to explore college or new careers in their families, so we provide the hands-on expertise and guidance needed as they navigate these new pathways.

The College & Career Readiness (CCR) Program empowers students to achieve lifelong success through coaching, counseling, and supportive services that prepare them to graduate and pursue post-secondary opportunities, whether it’s college, vocational training/certification, military, and/or a career. The Work Experience (WEX) Program multiplies the impact by offering pathways for career exploration and skill development, including internships and part-time jobs while attending school, to strengthen students’ workforce readiness. 


In the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year, CISM students earned more than $200,000 in wages through the WEX Program.

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